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Installing pre-requisites for SharePoint Foundation 2010

Installing any application is not a hard part, but preparing your system for that installation takes some time and considerations. While installing Foundation today, I had the same issue myself. I did not know which pre-requisites should be installed first. I searched for it, and found different combinations, but one told me to run the pre-requisite installer first, it will let you know what are missing for you. Here are those which were required on my machine.

For some you will have to look for the specific download for your operating system (x86 / x64).

I downloaded and installed them, and was able to proceed next. By the way, did I mentioned that I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with Service Pack 1.

UPDATE: I found a PowerShell script for downloading all these pre-requisites, grab it from here, it might be handy too. http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/bcf3332d-f726-4ac7-b01a-eeda4b7ece8e

which webservices are available in which version of SharePoint

We are working on a client application, which required to access data from SharePoint too. The best way to do that is to consume webservices exposed by SharePoint. While consuming them, we wanted to make sure which services are available in which version. We tried to find any matrix for that, but could not find one. So I thought of building it myself, so that others can reference it.

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List of books for SharePoint 2010

I was looking for some resources for learning SharePoint 2010, and stumbled upon some information mentioned on various places, I have collected them in one place and am posting it here for keeping it as a repository for not only myself, but share with others.

Although I have not gone through all of them, but plan to touch each one of them in future. If someone finds any interesting item, just let me know.

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