List of books for SharePoint 2010

I was looking for some resources for learning SharePoint 2010, and stumbled upon some information mentioned on various places, I have collected them in one place and am posting it here for keeping it as a repository for not only myself, but share with others.

Although I have not gone through all of them, but plan to touch each one of them in future. If someone finds any interesting item, just let me know.

SharePoint Products and Technologies (2010)

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Evaluation Guide

SharePoint 2010: Getting Started with Development on SharePoint 2010 Hands-on Labs in C# and Visual Basic

SharePoint 2010: SharePoint Developer Platform Wall Poster

SharePoint 2010: Developer and IT Professional Learning Plan

SharePoint 2010: Professional Developer Evaluation Guide and Walkthroughs

Search Environment Planning for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Design Search Architectures for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Search Architectures for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Getting started with business intelligence in SharePoint Server 2010

Topologies for SharePoint Server 2010

Hosting Environments for SharePoint 2010 Products

Cross-farm Services in SharePoint 2010 Products

Oh by the way these were mentioned by André Lage.

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