Monthly Archives: August 2009

Installing Windows 2003 on virtual machine

Previously we had created our first virtual machine, and then I showed you how we can configure it further for our likings. Now we need to install any guest operating system on this machine. As we have to create an environment where we can emulate a full intranet system, with its own domain controller, so we need to install any server operating system which can support these things.

I know currently Microsoft is planning to release Windows 2008 Server, but I could only get my hand to a Windows 2003 media for installation. I will use our first virtual machine as a base machine, and would create other machines from this, just by creating another copy out of it. That way we don’t have to install things on each machine.

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Configuring a virtual machine

Lastly we had created our first virtual machine. We had provided some configuration options while creating that machine. Mostly that would work for our purpose, but if someone want to tweak some configuration items, then this would help him do whatever he needs to change.

That machine is now listed on your virtual server main page. You can see this machines settings and configure it further, to do that, click on “Virtual Machines” > Configure > WIN2K3 menu item on the left sidebar.

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