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Laraib’s Birthday

Exactly 4 years ago, nearly 7 in the morning, we were blessed with a beautiful gift, which can not be matched by any other gift. GOD blessed us our very first child, a cutest baby girl. I am amazed how fast time has passed on, and she had started her schooling. There teacher informed us that they encourage students to share and celebrate there birthday in school. So her mother has prepared a lot of things for that occasion. She is sending Biryani, Shami Kabab, and a delicious cake for all students. We have seen a lots of up and down of her. She is a quick learner, but most of today’s lot capture faster than us. She is naughty, very much active, mostly assertive, but requires a basic trust relationship to build first. She is a good teacher too, we have seen so much of that of her, that sometime we are amazed of her skills. Whatever she learns, she pass it on to her younger brother Ahsan. Do like this, don’t do like that. It has given us a cushion too, we don’t have to rigorously work with Ahsan for all those things. At the end I will say Laraib is a really blessing for us, a presence which cannot be ignored. I pray for her health, wisdom, strength and sense of good things in life.

Laraib’s first day at school

Today was the very first day in school for Laraib. She has been admitted in nursery. This was only due to her own enthusiasm and hard work by her mother, who helped her go through all her primary books before taking a tough test from her teachers. I have taken her some snaps before leaving for school, she looks quite confident and happy to be in school uniform. It was a tough ride today. We all went with her today. Roads were mostly empty, only traffic we faced was for school going children. It was a good experience though. She also had a chat with her baba (grandfather) before leaving. He was excited too. He would have liked to drop her himself. At school her teacher (Asifa) took her into her class. She told us that we would have to participate in a Parent-Teacher meeting on Friday. It would be basically a introductory meeting for parents, they would be informed about the procedures of school. We would be looking for that. More would come on these topics in future.

Ahsan’s second birthday

Ahsan - Shahi Masjid, Lahore Today we are celebrating birthday of my son Ahsan Zafar, many many happy wishes from me. I am a bit sorry that I would not be with him on this day. He is in Multan, with his grand parents. I think he enjoys their company, and loves to express himself and impose his tiny thoughts on them. He has that liberty with them, which I think we were denied. I don’t know why in our society people love their grand children more than their own. They are bit relaxed in this age, that may be a good reason for that. Anyhow I too enjoy time spent with them, always.

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