Installing Windows 2003 on virtual machine

Previously we had created our first virtual machine, and then I showed you how we can configure it further for our likings. Now we need to install any guest operating system on this machine. As we have to create an environment where we can emulate a full intranet system, with its own domain controller, so we need to install any server operating system which can support these things.

I know currently Microsoft is planning to release Windows 2008 Server, but I could only get my hand to a Windows 2003 media for installation. I will use our first virtual machine as a base machine, and would create other machines from this, just by creating another copy out of it. That way we don’t have to install things on each machine.

So while you are on your virtual machine configuration page, take your mouse to the name of your virtual machine link in status section on that page. A menu will popup click on “Turn On” option, your machine will start.


You can see the status of your machine on that page, which will look like something below.


When you click on the thumbnail of your machine, you will be directed to another page, where you can operate this machine. You can see that your machine is in process of booting, and gathering and initializing all resources.


This operating environment is provided through some ActiveX controls, only when rendered in Internet Explorer. However there is desktop tool available with Virtual Server too.

In both environment when you click on the machine area, your mouse will be captured and would not release out of that area. To release your mouse, press Right Alt key, that is default host key.

Now insert your Windows installation media in your CD/DVD drive, and install windows. I won’t go in details how Windows 2003 is installed, but you can look at two very good articles listed below.

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