List of books for SharePoint 2010

I was looking for some resources for learning SharePoint 2010, and stumbled upon some information mentioned on various places, I have collected them in one place and am posting it here for keeping it as a repository for not only myself, but share with others.

Although I have not gone through all of them, but plan to touch each one of them in future. If someone finds any interesting item, just let me know.

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Prepare base Windows 2003 image using SysPrep

After installing Windows 2003 and required updates on your virtual machine, we now need to prepare it for easy duplication later. Now extract files from system preparation package, which we had previously downloaded. As we have installed Service Pack 2 for Windows 2003, so we will use only preparation package related to that.

SP-055 Now run “setupmgr.exe” from the extracted files. This is a setup wizard which will help you create your configuration set and answer file for automating your duplication process.

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Installing Windows 2003 on virtual machine

Previously we had created our first virtual machine, and then I showed you how we can configure it further for our likings. Now we need to install any guest operating system on this machine. As we have to create an environment where we can emulate a full intranet system, with its own domain controller, so we need to install any server operating system which can support these things.

I know currently Microsoft is planning to release Windows 2008 Server, but I could only get my hand to a Windows 2003 media for installation. I will use our first virtual machine as a base machine, and would create other machines from this, just by creating another copy out of it. That way we don’t have to install things on each machine.

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Configuring a virtual machine

Lastly we had created our first virtual machine. We had provided some configuration options while creating that machine. Mostly that would work for our purpose, but if someone want to tweak some configuration items, then this would help him do whatever he needs to change.

That machine is now listed on your virtual server main page. You can see this machines settings and configure it further, to do that, click on “Virtual Machines” > Configure > WIN2K3 menu item on the left sidebar.

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Creating a virtual machine

Some might wonder what a virtual machine is? It is an emulation of real world computer, which emulates complete hardware system, from process to network card, in a self-contained, isolated software environment. Virtual machine facilitates in running different operating system on a host system.

After installing Virtual Server, it’s time to create a new machine to play with. Open Virtual Sever Administration Website in your browser, you will see your server’s status screen, and list of recent events, which you can see below.

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Using Sysprep for virtual machine image duplication

Microsoft provides a system preparation tool, Sysprep, which helps in deploying Windows on multiple computers. It has many scenario usage, but we will be using it for duplicating our virtual machines images, so that we don’t have to install all things from scratch each time.

Microsoft TechNet has listed detailed requirements when this tool can be used for duplication purposes, and analyzing that I think our scenario fits in it perfectly. Our master and destination computers have compatible hardware, no extra drivers, and disk are exactly same.

How should we walk our walk for this work, lets list them down.

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Setting configuration and search paths

When I initially worked with Virtual Server, I used default configuration. That caused me some trouble, as I started creating new virtual machines, my system drive started loosing space. I had to move all those virtual machines and their virtual disks manually to another location to release some space. Then I had to add those machines again, after doing what I should had done earlier.

You can avoid this problem by settings these paths after installing Virtual Server. There are two paths associated with Virtual Server.

Virtual Machine configuration folder: this is where virtual machine configuration files, virtual hard disks, undo disks would be stored for each virtual machines.

Search paths: These are additional paths, where you can look for existing virtual machines, virtual hard disks, undo disks, any ISO image files (.iso) that you can use later on.

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Installing Virtual Server

Considering how I wanted to approach my SharePoint exploration, I had to install Microsoft Virtual Server on my machine. That way I would be able to emulate a true intranet environment, in which I would have a domain controller, and other required resources.

Another reason I had in mind was that, I could save images of these machines at different stages, and then can experiment with different configurations, saving some of my time to redo all those installation again.

I am using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1, which is the latest at the moment. I have Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 installed on my physical machine, with a lot of RAM, and disk space. One more thing I must check, do I have installed IIS (Internet Information Services), yes I do. I have IIS 5.x with me, and it should be there, because Virtual Server presents web interface for its administration.

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Laraib’s Birthday

Exactly 4 years ago, nearly 7 in the morning, we were blessed with a beautiful gift, which can not be matched by any other gift. GOD blessed us our very first child, a cutest baby girl. I am amazed how fast time has passed on, and she had started her schooling. There teacher informed us that they encourage students to share and celebrate there birthday in school. So her mother has prepared a lot of things for that occasion. She is sending Biryani, Shami Kabab, and a delicious cake for all students. We have seen a lots of up and down of her. She is a quick learner, but most of today’s lot capture faster than us. She is naughty, very much active, mostly assertive, but requires a basic trust relationship to build first. She is a good teacher too, we have seen so much of that of her, that sometime we are amazed of her skills. Whatever she learns, she pass it on to her younger brother Ahsan. Do like this, don’t do like that. It has given us a cushion too, we don’t have to rigorously work with Ahsan for all those things. At the end I will say Laraib is a really blessing for us, a presence which cannot be ignored. I pray for her health, wisdom, strength and sense of good things in life.

Laraib’s first day at school

Today was the very first day in school for Laraib. She has been admitted in nursery. This was only due to her own enthusiasm and hard work by her mother, who helped her go through all her primary books before taking a tough test from her teachers. I have taken her some snaps before leaving for school, she looks quite confident and happy to be in school uniform. It was a tough ride today. We all went with her today. Roads were mostly empty, only traffic we faced was for school going children. It was a good experience though. She also had a chat with her baba (grandfather) before leaving. He was excited too. He would have liked to drop her himself. At school her teacher (Asifa) took her into her class. She told us that we would have to participate in a Parent-Teacher meeting on Friday. It would be basically a introductory meeting for parents, they would be informed about the procedures of school. We would be looking for that. More would come on these topics in future.